FSCD In-Home Services

Direct Billing & 24/7 Care Available​

FSCD In-Home Services

Providing care for clients with various medical and behavioural needs from the comfort of their homes.

Our CarePros team includes several child and youth care workers and health care aides who specialize in addressing and working with children with a large variety of medical and behavioural needs. Our mission is to take care of your the needs as well as encourage and promote growth and development.

Our CarePros in-home services include: in-home respite, extraordinary childcare, community support, 24-hour respite, behavioural support, counselling support, housekeeping services, and sibling care.

In-Home Respite

Our Care-Pros come into your home and work with you and your child to meet their medical needs. Using a specialized Care Plan custom made for your child, our Care-Pros aim to deliver the highest quality of care.

Extraordinary Childcare

Our Care-Pros are available to provide care for your child, giving you the support you need to free up some time.

Community Support

Staying active and participating in recreational, social, and community events are extremely important for everyone. Our Care-Pros are ready and willing to participate in these activities with your child.

24-Hour Respite

Behavioural needs are oftentimes extremely complex and require far more involvement. Our Care Professionals are available to stay with your child and give you a break from the full care demands of your child.

Behavioural Support

Our behavioural specialists work closely with you to strengthen your skills and strategies in managing your child’s behaviours.

Counselling Support

Our counselling specialists aim to strengthen your ability to care for and face your child’s disability while
finding resolutions for your family.

Sibling Care

CarePros also offers additional care for
any of your other children, allowing you to make meetings,
appointments, and other commitments in life.

Caring for families like yours.

Bring balance back to your family, receive needed respite, and help your child develop essential life skills.