FSCD Behavioural Care

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FSCD Behavioural Care Services

Our CarePros team includes several qualified child and youth care workers who are fully trained to manage your child’s behavioural needs. They use evidence-based best practices to provide the best care for your child, while focusing on facilitating the growth and development of your child.

CarePros offers behavioural services such as community support, behavioural support, and counselling support.

Who is Behavioural Care Ideal For?

Community Support

Staying active and participating in recreational, social, and community events is extremely important for everyone. Our Care-Pros are ready and willing to participate in these events with your child.

Behavioural Support

Our behavioural specialists work closely with you to strengthen your skills and strategies in managing your child’s behaviours.

Counselling Support

Our counselling specialists aim to strengthen your ability to care for and face your child’s disability while finding resolutions for your family.

Choosing the Right Care Plan

Every child’s needs are different, we will work with you to find the right CarePro and the right care plan. Start with a complimentary consultation to see if CarePros is the right fit for your family.