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How CarePros Supports Case Workers

Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) helps families plan, coordinate and access services to raise a child with disabilities.

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Our care model allows us to deploy across Alberta quickly and smoothly. CarePros currently serves the following regions:

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Individualized Child and Youth Care Facilities

The Ministry of Children’s Services aims to be a leader in child care and intervention, early childhood development, foster and kinship care, adoption, and improvements for children and youth as a whole.

Here’s what we’re doing at CarePros to help support Children’s Services Caseworkers:


Right from the start, we collaborate with cities and municipalities to ensure that our support homes are fully licensed and meet all the standards and guidelines set forth. This includes the license to operate as a group home, fire and safety regulations, property regulations, and our very own CarePros home inspection process. 

We want to make sure that when the client joins our homes, the transition process will be seamless.

Home Environment

We’ve partnered with trade and real estate professionals to design and modify our support homes with our clients’ needs in mind. We want to ensure that each and every facet of the support home contributes to a warm and welcoming home environment that our clients can always feel safe to come back to. 

Our clients have their own bedroom that they can personalize however they see fit, acting as a safe space where they can enjoy their privacy and take some time for themselves. 

Our Care Professionals live with our clients as well, creating that sense of family and belonging so our clients can feel welcome and supported. 

Communal areas like the kitchen and living room are all designed to encourage collaboration and openness, so that our clients will always feel free to express themselves.

The Care Experience

Custom Care Team

Our Service Delivery and Human Resources teams work closely together to hand pick and set up a custom team of Care Professionals that we believe would best fit the needs of the client. We consider several factors, such as personalities, hobbies, skills, common interests, and the ability for our Care Professionals to bring out the best in our clients. 

By using a model that limits the number of total clients in each of our child and youth care facilities, we ensure that each client has full access to all the resources and supports they require, rather than having the challenge of competing for resources that a traditional group home model may face.

Ongoing Training

CarePros holds itself to an extremely high standard of care. Our Care Professionals are professionally trained from the moment they join our team during orientation, but the training doesn’t stop there. 

In collaboration with several other associations such as COAST, CarePros offers both mandatory and optional training sessions that are open to all our Care Professionals, ensuring that we are always using evidence-based practices supported by science, and that our Care Professionals are always kept up to date on industry standards.

Recreation Therapy

CarePros has their very own Recreation Therapist on the team who specializes in working with our clients on a 1-on-1 basis. She begins by working with our clients, their parents, and the care team to analyze the clients’ skills and abilities, and then works to set out a list of personal development goals and milestones that can be reached through recreation therapy. 

Through several 1-on-1 visits and therapy sessions, she aims to foster the growth and development of the client and equip them with crucial life skills early on that would lead to independence.

Ongoing Care Plan Updates

We understand that our clients are constantly evolving and changing, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt and grow with them. After the initial Care Plan creation, we continue to monitor our clients and work with their parents or guardians to reassess their growth milestones and changing needs on an ongoing basis. 

Our Care Plans are then revised to reflect these changes to ensure that we intervene when necessary and continue to enforce positive outcomes. With this method, we can ensure that our both our clients and their families are always able to move forward and reach their full potential.


We absolutely value and welcome feedback from all individuals. Whether its feedback from industry partners, our Care Professionals, and most importantly, the client’s parents or the clients themselves, we make every effort to ensure that the feedback is heard and taken into account. Our decisions and actions are then shaped by the feedback as we constantly evolve to ensure that we are delivering the highest level of care possible.

The Personal Experience

Naming Ceremonies

We want our clients to feel like CarePros can be their second home away from home. In addition to the measures we’ve taken to create a welcoming home environment, we’re also working towards embracing the culture of many of our indigenous clients. 

Rather than using institutional or formal names, we’ve decided to collaborate with Elders and various experts in the Indigenous community to officially name our support homes through ceremonies. We do this in hopes of bridging the gap between different cultures and having our support homes becoming symbols and reminders of what we stand for.

Collaboration with Elders

We understand that there is much to learn from both our clients and the communities surrounding them. As such, we’ve reached out to Elders and various other members in the Indigenous community to share their knowledge with us. 

We want to ensure that our clients are able maintain as much of their cultural heritage as possible and be able to thrive in an environment that encourages them to freely express themselves. In doing so, we aim to break down existing barriers and tackle current challenges faced by our communities in hopes of developing positive relationships and outcomes across our communities.

Youth Transition Program

Our Youth Transition Program is a unique multi-faceted resource designed with one goal in mind: to have our clients learn and develop the necessary life skills in order to become more independent, thus making the transition to adulthood more seamless. 

This resource was developed with a strong focus on emphasizing the individuality and uniqueness of our clients by allowing them to use it however they see fit. The aim of this program is to work towards ultimately reducing the total number of children in care.