Our CarePros

We hire the best CarePros to take care of your family. Our CarePros really do care.

You can trust your loved one with our CarePros.

Our CarePros are compassionate and empathetic, providing a helping hand every step of the way.

CarePros is WCB Certified

Safety comes first for our CarePros. That is why we provide WCB coverage, As well as industry leading $5,000,000 in Medical, General, and Professional Liability Insurance.

CarePros are the best in our field.

2+ Years Experience

Certified Health Care Aide or Equivalent

In-Depth Application, Competency Assessment, In-Person Interviews & Enhanced Background Checks

$5,000,000 Comprehensive General & Professional Insurance

Quality & Transparency

It is our mission to help you or your family members maintain your health, comfort, and thrive in your home environment, while remaining connected to friends, family, and your community.


You can manage daily tasks through the CarePros Family Room Portal while monitoring arrival & departure times.


We constantly review the feedback from our clients so that we can continue to elevate our level of care.

Fair Pricing

Shopping for home care services can be stressful. That’s why we believe in providing a transparent pricing policy to our prospective clients to make it simpler.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your loved ones are in good hands with our WorkSafe program and our $5,000,000 insurance coverage.

Your family deserves high quality, compassionate care.​

Your child’s well-being is the most important aspect of your care program. We work hand in hand with every client to be certain their child is receiving the quality care they deserve. All while providing parents the peace of mind that their child is being cared for the right way.

Stay informed and in-touch wherever you are

It is our mission to help you or your family members maintain your health, comfort, and thrive in your home environment, while remaining connected to friends, family, and your community.

At CarePros, we keeps your CarePro informed so they can focus on providing the best possible care. Stay in touch with your CarePro every step of the way via the CarePros Family Room Portal.

Login from anywhere to see real-time what was done in the home, which allows you to stay up-to-date with which CarePro was there, if there was a change in condition and even pay invoices.

Providing the quality of care your family deserves

Before CarePros, we were scrambling with self-managed care and lack of reliability from other agencies, but now we have a committed care team made up of CarePros and management supporting our child's needs and his evolving medical needs. CarePros has been a life saver for our family, thank you so much.
Thank you for the wonderful care provided by Care Pro's team and the understanding and patience you had to have with me going through the toughest time of my life. Means more than you know.
After other organizations had failed us, CarePros has the experienced staff who have made it possible for me to keep my child at home with me where he belongs. They are trained well, organized, and help me provide the best quality of life for my son and whole family. Thank you CarePros!
We were very impressed with the caring, compassion and integrity of Entrust Home Care from management down to our respite worker. They provide quality care for our son that far surpassed our expectations. Would highly recommend them for respite services for children/young adults with disabilities as well as for seniors.
CarePro’s has been the relief I’ve needed for a long time!!! An amazing team who want nothing more than to look out for he best interests of my son while keeping a comfortable environment for everyone in the home- including care providers. If you’re like me, a mom who’s trying to hold the fort solo, disabled kiddo, working, tending to appointments at the hospital, surgeries, and my other child...... there’s no need to cry it out anymore. . . You don’t have to do it alone. This service changed our lives. <3