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COVID-19 Notice Announcement: As a Pediatric Care Provider, CarePros has been deemed an essential service. We are actively taking additional precautions to ensure the safety of our clients & staff. If your family is in need of care, please connect with us immediately to start the online intake process.


In-Home Care

Pediatric and 24/7 Respite

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Out-of-Home Care

Short and Long Term Placements

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Medical & Behavioural Care Services

FSCD Services

FSCD Medical Care

FSCD Behavioural Care

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In-Home Services

In-Home FSCD Services

Pediatric Home Care

Child Respite

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Out-of-Home Services

Out-of-Home FSCD Services

Short & Long Term Placements

24/7 Respite Care

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Our Care Delivery Program

We specialize in emergency and crisis situations. We act fast and are able to implement an in-home or out-of-home placement to provide a solution to best support your family.
We build a team of CarePros tailored to your families specific requirements. We create a team of CarePros dedicated to your needs to implement a level of consistency and balance.
We find long-term solutions for your family. We do this by providing a variety professional services including individual and family counselling. This drives growth and rehabilitation, all while providing the steps, guidance, and care along the way.
We mark our success on the ability to see our families reintegrate back into their regular lives. All while maintaining peace, balance, and the structure that has learned through their care program.
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In-Home Services

In-Home Respite

Our Care Professionals come directly to your home to temporarily relieve you and give you the much needed break you deserve. Using a customized care plan as a guide, they will assist you in providing full time care and supervision for your child.

24-Hour Respite

We understand that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day, but we still try our best. Our Care Professionals can stay with your child for a full 24-hour period to give you a break from the full care demands of your child.

You may qualify for funded coverage, call us to find out if you're eligible

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Out-of-Home Services

Out-of-Home Placement for Children & Youth

CarePros specializes in providing stable, safe, and structured emergency short and long term placements for families in need. Children and youth are transitioned to one of our many Respite Homes where they are given the necessary professional support needed until they are ready to be transitioned back to their family unit. Our Respite Homes provide the children and youth with an opportunity to work on their personal goals, while at the same time giving the parents/guardians an opportunity to receive the respite they are seeking.

Crisis Resolution & Emergency Placements

CarePros has the ability to act quickly & effectively in emergency or crisis situations. Providing 24-hr respite or Out-of- Home placements to families in need. This enables our families to restore stability in their home & provide the child or youth the 1-on-1 care they need to return to a balance and structured routine.

Providing the quality of care your family deserves

Before CarePros, we were scrambling with self-managed care and lack of reliability from other agencies, but now we have a committed care team made up of CarePros and management supporting our child's needs and his evolving medical needs. CarePros has been a life saver for our family, thank you so much.


Thank you for the wonderful care provided by Care Pro's team and the understanding and patience you had to have with me going through the toughest time of my life. Means more than you know.


After other organizations had failed us, CarePros has the experienced staff who have made it possible for me to keep my child at home with me where he belongs. They are trained well, organized, and help me provide the best quality of life for my son and whole family. Thank you CarePros!


We were very impressed with the caring, compassion and integrity of Entrust Home Care from management down to our respite worker. They provide quality care for our son that far surpassed our expectations. Would highly recommend them for respite services for children/young adults with disabilities as well as for seniors.


CarePro’s has been the relief I’ve needed for a long time!!! An amazing team who want nothing more than to look out for he best interests of my son while keeping a comfortable environment for everyone in the home- including care providers. If you’re like me, a mom who’s trying to hold the fort solo, disabled kiddo, working, tending to appointments at the hospital, surgeries, and my other child...... there’s no need to cry it out anymore. . . You don’t have to do it alone. This service changed our lives. <3


Keeping your family informed with the latest technology

At CarePros, Care comes first. We are a team of passionate, skilled, and trustworthy Care Professionals your family can depend on every day. We leverage leading edge, Silicon Valley-developed technology in every step of our care plan, while keeping you and your loved ones connected with the Family Portal.

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Caring for families like yours.

Bring balance back to your family, receive needed respite, and help your child develop essential life skills.

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