Entrust Home Care has Become



We are thrilled to announce that Entrust Home Care is rebranding. It has been an amazing year for us, and in an effort to best align our vision to service as many Edmonton & Area seniors & persons with disabilities as possible, it’s necessary for us to launch our new brand to best reflect the future of our company and the values that we have built our business on.

To all of our existing & loyal clients, your same heart-filled & trusted care service will be provided that you have become accustomed to, under a new & modern name. To the Edmonton & area community: keep an eye out for CarePros. Think of us when you have a family member that deserves to be cared for the right way.

WHY CarePros?

“Care” is the word that aligns with our purpose. It’s the reason we are in business.

We Care.

We Care that you & your family have peace of mind when you’re working with one of our Care Professionals. After all, your family member deserves to live their life with dignity & joy.

We Care.

Our CarePros are not just showing up to do the bare minimum. We show up on time, with a smile, ready to give our clients the compassion and care they deserve every single day. We’re here to make their life better & your life easier every step of the way by solving for your every need.

We Care.

You have said it. We have listened. We’ve gotten so used to hearing that we care more and develop long-lasting relationships with our clients that it is about time our name reflects that. Our business is built by our team of Care Professionals (CarePros) & our new name embodies that purpose. With CarePros, We can reinforce trust, consistency, and professionalism in everything we do. When you hire CarePros, You’re not going to have just any Care Provider at your door, you’re getting the best of the best. You’re getting a CarePro.

The CarePros values


Our CarePros team goes above and beyond in every way imaginable. From hiring only the best(less than 5% of qualified care professionals are hired as CarePros), to spending as long as necessary to match our clients up with the right CarePro. It’s the same CarePro that shows up everyday instead of a new face each time.


For our existing & future clients, CarePros.ca will be our new online portal, all communications will come from carepro.ca emails & over the next 3-weeks, you will see a complete transition of our online branding.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to learn more, please contact us at info@carepros.ca or call (587) 778-9987