FSCD Out-of-Home Services

Direct Billing & 24/7 Care Available​​

FSCD Out-of-Home Respite Care

Providing care for clients with various medical and behavioural needs from one of our many support homes.

Our CarePros team includes several Child and Youth Care Workers in addition to Health Care Aides who specialize in addressing and working with children with a large variety of medical and behavioural needs. Their main goals are to take care of the child’s needs as well as encourage and promote growth and development.

Out-of-Home Services include: 24-hr Out-of-Home Placements,
Behavioural Support, and Counselling Support.

24-hr Out-of-Home Placements

Some needs are so complex that they can no longer be met at home. We offer Out-of-Home placements where your child is temporarily relocated to one of our many support homes. Our Care Professionals then work 24 hours a day to fully support and care for your child.

Behavioural Support

Our behavioural specialists work closely with you to support you in your efforts to strengthen your skills and strategies in managing your child’s behaviours.

Counselling Support

Our counselling specialists aim to help you strengthen your ability to care for and face your child’s disability and try to find resolutions to problems.

Choosing the Right Care Plan

Every child’s needs are different, we will work with you to find the right CarePro and the right care plan. Start with a complimentary consultation to see if CarePros is the right fit for your family.

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