Vladimir Galic



Program Manager, Agency Foster Care & TCI Trainer

Pronouns: He/Him

Vlad is the Senior Field Supervisor of Service Delivery in CarePros. In this position, Vlad maintains regular contact with the families, children, and caregivers to ensure that the needs of the families and clients we serve are met. Vlad ensures that the care plan for every client is accurate and up to date. Vlad works closely with the scheduling department to ensure that supports are in place for the families that need them. A part of Vlad’s responsibilities is also to ensure that staff are adequately trained and able to execute the care plan so that the families we serve receive the best services and care possible. Vlad maintains regular contact with stakeholders from FSCD as well as CFSA to receive and provide any updates related to the services that CarePros provide. Vlad is the first point of contact for all families on his case lead, as well as all families that CarePros serve, on an on-call and after-hours basis. Vlad graduated from MacEwan University in 2001 with a diploma in Police and Security Studies. In 2003, Vlad’s life path came to an intersection; on one side was a career with RCMP and on the other was a career in helping vulnerable children and youth. Vlad chose to dedicate himself to providing care and support to vulnerable, at-risk children and their families. In April of 2003, Vlad started his career as a front-line child and youth care worker, working with kids under the age of 12 that were affected by FASD spectrum disorder. In 2005, Vlad was promoted to a team supervisor in a 10-bed program that worked with teenage youth that was affected by multiple mental health diagnoses and exhibited severe behaviours. In 2006, Vlad became a program manager for a 12-bed program that worked with children under the age of 12 that were affected by severe emotional, behavioural, and mental health challenges. Vlad remained in this position until 2014 when he became a regional manager for Central Region service delivery with a well-established Edmonton agency. In this position, Vlad was responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of an Assessment Centre, FASD program, SIL program and two high needs intensive treatment programs.