Headshot - Tina Khouri - People & Culture Business Partner



HR Business Partner

Pronouns: She/Her

Tina is the Human Resources Business Partner at CarePros. Tina was born and raised on a farm outside Elk Island Park and moved to Edmonton to continue her education and begin a new chapter in the big city. Tina has a deep-seated passion for working with people. This passion was discovered early on when she worked as a Care Aide, realizing the perpetual need for care that requires compassion and nurturing understanding. Tina relishes interacting with people and learning about their experiences. Before embarking on a career in Human Resources, Tina spent a decade as a commercial underwriter. The blessing of having twins and a third child, coupled with the pandemic-induced challenge of homeschooling three children, led them to re-evaluate the question, "When is a good time?" to return to college. Seizing the opportunity to study alongside her children, Tina went back to college, turning her kitchen table into a community of learners. Their career in Human Resources began to flourish, and they found comfort in being able to transfer many of the ingrained skills from their time as a commercial underwriter into the field of HR. A fun fact about Tina is that she also explores the world of group fitness facilitation. During her tenure as a stay-at-home parent, she achieved an AFLCA certification and began teaching Spin and Strength classes. Joining the CarePros team and supporting the success of children and youth represents for her a meaningful work environment.