Training & Development Lead

Pronouns: She/Her

Nicole is our Training & Development Lead. Joining the team in October 2022, Nicole is an individual who is a great lover of life and people; also a believer in lifelong learning. Nicole has primarily worked in the Human Service field, who has a background in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Social Work Diploma. The goal of her work, to operate in empathy and kindness, always with the continued willingness to learn. Nicole's hope is through her role as Training and Development Lead, is that as a result of her passion to teach and to learn, will consequently support the learning path of those she connects with. In supporting others in their learning journey, her belief of setting individuals up for success. Thus both our front line staff, and consequently and importantly the lives of our Children and Youth will live fulfilling and meaningful lives. The choice to be apart of this team? was due to her recognizing the depth of the work being done within the organization in supporting the lives of the families of children and Youth CarePros supports. Nicole recognized through her opportunity that this is a value the organization believes in and upholds, not only regarding our children and Youth; but also the individuals and families that work for CarePros. What Nicole enjoys most about her role is the people. The connection to and with people. The opportunity of continued learning in her role, in teaching others this role becomes very reciprocal; providing opportunity to continue to learn not only about the material itself but also the beauty of human nature and how we each learn as individuals. We care, and we are one are two of Nicole's favourites core values. This due to countless observable moments whereby Nicole has witnessed these two core exemplified in her surroundings and discussions. As well as her personal experience that could have never been predicted. Every kindness that could have been conveyed, where we care, and we are one were enacted and communicated to her.