Accounting Specialist

Pronouns: She/Her

Jasna is CarePros’ Accounting Specialist. She joined CarePros in November 2020 to bring a more human side of accounting to CarePros’ People and Culture team, and to assist with promoting the team’s work culture of inclusion and diversity. Jasna is passionate about bringing positivity to the workplace and helping her team with the booking needs of CarePros.    Jasna graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and has decades of accounting experience, specializing in invoicing, collecting payments, payables, receivables, and billing.  Jasna began her journeyed career at a locally owned cookbook company, Company’s Coming.  She also worked at a Canadian owned scaffolding company as a Senior Administrator. While raising her 2 children, she was actively involved in the PTA and various volunteer and fundraising activities at her children’s schools.  Prior to joining CarePros, Jasna held a customer service position at the family-owned Trail Appliances. She then quickly transitioned into Builder Administrating where she worked closely with builders to ensure that appliances were delivered and installed to the customer’s satisfaction.  In her spare time, Jasna enjoys reading, watching movies, eating out, and spreading positivity on social media.