Debi OBoyle

Debi OBoyle

Assistant Manager for Service Excellence in Strategy

Pronouns: She/Her

Debi is our Assistant Manager for Service Excellence in Strategy. Joining the team in February 2021, Debi brings 25+ years of experience working in non-profit, foster care, community care, young children, the justice system, substance issues, front line work with youth, human trafficking. Debi is passionate about finding solutions and helping families during their most vulnerable moments.

With 20 years of experience with CARF, Debi provides leadership with respect to compliance and developing a compliance-focused quality culture in CarePros’ group homes, head office, and other sites. This includes reviewing compliances for government legislation (CS, DS, and OHS). Debi also oversees the OHS Committee to ensure the safety of staff and clients of CarePros, as well as leading the development and training of staff.

Prior to working at CarePros, Debi was a Family Support Worker with Closer to Home Community Services where she worked with at-risk children and youth. For 20 years, Debi provided direct service, coordination, and quality assurance management for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Victoria.

As a consultant, Debi excels at creating quality assurance databases and designing outcome management for social services. As a surveyor with CARF, Debi provides consultative feedback and recommendation, while ensuring that the organization is in conformance with CARF’s accreditation standards.

In her spare time, Debi enjoys knitting, baking, and being a grandmother. She has a lifetime of caregiving wisdom and stories she enjoys sharing.