Alex Gervais

Alex Gervais

Manager, Communications, Technology, & Asset Management

Pronouns: He/Him

Alex Gervais is the Marketing Manager of CarePros. Alex began working with CarePros in 2017 and has worked alongside Charles Wong to build an informative and collaborative marketing strategy focused on constant and honest communication. Alex is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record building successful business in the marketing and real estate sectors. While working to develop the initial brand strategy for CarePros, the core values that Charles Wong had instilled in the team resonated with Alex. As the need for a more hands-on marketing approach evolved, it made sense for Alex to take a management position at the organization.

Through the six years of building the Loop Strategic Marketing Agency, Alex has first-hand experience managing marketing, brand, and communication strategies for businesses all across Canada. While managing campaigns for clients in the Real Estate Industry, Alex took the leap to become a licensed Realtor and to develop a local Edmonton area real estate team. This team has become a recurring asset within the CarePros organization to assist with the
needs for group homes to service clients in a well-controlled, safe location.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Alex previously held managerial roles in the telecommunications industry overseeing 20+ team members. Alex received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree from MacEwan University, Majoring in Management.

In Alex’s spare time, Alex enjoys taking care of his plants, being active with friends, and honing new skills and hobbies.