Indigenous Supports

Indigenous Supports & Resources

At CarePros, we ensure that we are connecting our Indigenous clients with culturally sensitive activities, if they desire.

For example, if a client has expressed their interest in smudging or participating in a sweat, we look for and secure the appropriate resources to make these opportunities accessible for them.

It is important for our team to facilitate and participate in programs that focus on Indigenous teachings and cultural practices that result in a positive and supportive environment for our Indigenous clients

Children's Services Resources

Indigenous Caregivers aim to provide a safe, nurturing, healthy, and stable home for Indigenous children in need of care.

Types of Indigenous caregiving include:

Support for Caregivers – Caregivers are supported through government caregiver programs and workers, agencies, other caregivers, and the Alberta Foster Kinship Association. These include, but are not limited to:

Métis and Indigenous Children's Services Offices

Children’s Services offers a range of culturally specific supports for children, youth and families through its Indigenous, First Nation and Metis Settlements offices. Services are also provided through Delegated First Nation Agencies.

Native Counselling Services of Alberta

NCSA was established in 1970 with the objective of providing Courtworker assistance to Aboriginal people in conflict with the law. NCSA recognized that Aboriginal people often feel alienated by legal and court procedures, and that they need support navigating the justice system. Since then NCSA has evolved to deliver programs and services as well as legal education, research, training and film production.

North Peace Tribal Council

North Peace Tribal Council protects and promotes the shared interests of our member First Nations; enhancing Treaty & Indigenous rights while developing healthy and prosperous communities throughout our territories.

They provide a political forum to gather information, influence policy and decision making by external governments and by industry which impact our member First Nations.

Metis Child & Family Services Society

Aim to promote the health and well being of our Métis Children and Families by building on the capacity of our Métis community through the provision of culturally sensitive and appropriate programs and service.

A primary focus of Métis Child & Family Services Society is to reduce the number of Métis and other Aboriginal children from coming into the care of Alberta Child and Youth Services.

They accomplish this by ensuring that our programs and services are responsive and accountable to the community. They offer an alternate approach to intervention and prevention that is holistic and family centered.

Indigenous Education Resources

U of A Indigenous Canada

Indigenous Canada is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada.

From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations.

Indigenous Canada is for students from faculties outside the Faculty of Native Studies with an interest in acquiring a basic familiarity with Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relationships.

Aboriginal Education Developments

Alberta Education’s First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) Education Policy Framework aims to increase the knowledge among all Albertans of the governance, history, treaty and Aboriginal rights, lands, cultures, and languages. It provides learners with culturally relevant learning opportunities and supports, and achieve progress on long-term goals.

It includes guidelines on how teachers and educators can be more culturally sensitive to Aboriginal students, parents, and the community overall.

Lastly, it discusses the concept of the Circle of Courage, an idea where 4 main values: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity, are explored in hopes that youth can lead more meaningful and enriched lives. By using Talking Circles, participants are able to share their point of view with others in a safe and productive space where everyone can mutually listen to and respect one another.

Aboriginal Ceremonies

Many First Nations and Inuit ceremonies focus on showing respect and gratitude for gifts of the physical and spiritual world and aim to maintain harmony and balance between humankind and creation. These traditional practices have been passed on from generation to generation.

Ceremonial gatherings include:

Indigenous Housing Resources

Indigenous Housing Capital Program (IHCP)

The Government of Alberta, through the Alberta Social Housing Corporation (ASHC), is providing $120 million in capital funding over multiple years to increase the supply of affordable housing units for Indigenous peoples in need through construction (including additions/extensions), purchase and repurpose. Units may be used for rental or lease-to-purchase.

The objectives of the program are to:

The Government of Alberta has made a strong commitment, through the Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy, to build more affordable housing so Albertans have a safe place to call home and Indigenous peoples have more options for housing that are culturally sensitive to their needs.

Metis Urban Housing Corporation (MUHC)/Metis Capital Housing Corporation (MCHC)

The Métis Housing Corporation consists of the Métis Capital Housing Corporation (MCHC, incorporated in 2007) and the Métis Urban Housing Corporation of Alberta Inc. (MUHC, incorporated in 1982), owned by the Métis Nation of Alberta.

They were created to provide affordable rental housing to low and moderate income Métis and other indigenous families in Alberta.

The two companies (MUHC & MCHC) maintain and manage rental accommodations, providing housing to over 3,000 residents in 14 urban centres throughout Alberta. As non-profit corporations they are responsible for renting and maintaining the units. This is a responsibility that covers administration and operations.

Métis Housing has successfully provided affordable shelter to Métis, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Albertans since 1982 and is recognized by our funders, partners, and the Métis Nation of Alberta as an effective, efficient, and reliable provider of housing management services.

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