Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)

Our CarePros team is happy to support, guide, and educate your family through the PDD process.

PDD Services

PDD helps adults with developmental disabilities get services to live as independently as possible in their community. An important aspect of the PDD program is Person Centred Planning, which helps individuals who receive PDD services lead more fulfilling lives.

What is Person Centred Planning?

Person Centred Planning is a method which focuses on consciously searching for new ways of understanding individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as their experiences and desires. It assumes that each individual and their loved ones are the primary authorities when it comes to making plans. It is based on a person’s gifts and abilities. It challenges everyone involved to look beyond perceived limits and think more creatively about what is possible. It is a pledge to listen.

Person Centred Planning can take many forms and comes under many names, but all true forms of Person Centred Planning have one thing in common: they work with a person, not on a person.

Person Centred Planning brings together the individual being supported and the people who play a vital role in their life. This includes parents, friends, roommates, co-workers, clergy, etc.

Under the guidance of a facilitator, the planning group gathers information about an individual’s friends, leisure activities personal history, gifts, aspiration, fears, and challenges.

Core Elements of Person Centered Planning

Services We Provide

Here at CarePros, we strive to ensure that our clients and their families always remain an integral part in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their individual care plans and involvement with CarePros.

CarePros values person centred care because we want to provide a platform for clients and their families to connect with us and ensure that their voices are heard. We want to motivate our clients by focusing on their individual strengths and abilities that make them who they are, rather than identify them by a diagnosis or disability.

Our clients are unique and talented individuals who have gifts that need to be shared with their communities. Our goal is to encourage and foster the growth of these strengths and talents to support their learning in hopes that it would lead to success in every wellness domain (physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual) as they transition through life.

Person centred care allows our service delivery model to not only remain accountable and effective, but also gives us the opportunity to learn from the personal experiences of our families and grow with them as well.

Home Living Supports

Employment Supports

Community Access Supports

Specialized Community Support

How Person Centred Planning Differs From Conventional Planning

Person Centred Planning is different than conventional planning in a number of ways. The traditional way of planning focuses on the needs of the individual, and how to address those needs. Person Centred Planning is different because it focuses on the person’s gifts and capacities. An example of this may be that a person is interested in art, or they are very dependable and want to be employed.

Person Centred Planning focuses on the person first, before looking at the supports the person may desire to assist them in achieving their goals.

Our CarePros Framework

The CarePros Framework is based on the Government of Alberta’s “Quality of Life Framework” Factors and Domains:

Emotional Well-Being
Material Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Personal Development
– Contentment
– Financial Status
– Health
– Education
– Self-Concept
– Housing
– Activities of Daily Living
– Personal Skill
– Employment
– Leisure
– Competence
– Performance
Interpersonal Relations
Social Inclusion
– Autonomy and Personal Control
– Interactions
– Community Integrations and Participation
– Human
– Goals & Personal Values
– Relationships
– Community Roles
– Legal
– Choice
– Supports
– Social Supports

Individualized Service Plans

All the care services we provide are guided by Individualized Service Plans. From the beginning, our team members work with the client and their families to set care goals, find strengths and talents, and identify areas for improvement to create a customized plan that addresses these aspects. The result is a unique care plan that is reassessed on a regular basis and adjusted accordingly to adapt to the client as their needs change and progression towards their goals are achieved.

Recreation Therapist

Our Recreation Therapist works in a one-on-one setting with many of our clients. By identifying core areas that the client themselves wish to improve on, or certain goals they wish to achieve, she is able to create recreation programs and structured routines that allow them to develop these crucial life skills that lead to positive outcomes.

On-Site Respite Center Programming

Our team members are also constantly working on creating programming for our On-Site Respite Center. Boasting a truly diverse array of features and environments all one in space, the On-Site Respite Center provides opportunities for all clients to learn and develop skills through socialization and engagement. Seasonal programming allows our clients to enjoy a large variety of structured activities interspersed with free time to explore whatever they wish to in between. We believe that this model would allow our clients to maintain their autonomy while at the same time receive guidance and direction and feel supported during their time with us.

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