Out-of-Home Placements & 24 Hour Respite

Emergency Placements • Short Term Placements • Long Term Placements

Out-of-Home Placements & Emergency Support

At CarePros, we specialize in providing stable, safe, and structured emergency, short, and long term placements for families in need. Children and youth are transitioned to one of our many Mentor Homes where they are given the necessary professional support needed until they are ready to be transitioned back to their family unit. Our Mentor Homes provide the children and youth with an opportunity to work on their personal goals, while at the same time giving the parents/guardians an opportunity to receive the respite they are seeking.

Short Term & Long Term Placements

  • A full range of behavioural support services
  • Assistance & care related to disruptive behaviour
  • Community support & relationship development
  • Ideal for children who may be having difficulties following rules
  • Ideal for children having difficulty making friendships
  • Ideal for children having issues with authority figures

Providing a Safe & Secure Environment for Your Child

Safe Environment

Ensure the client is provided a safe environment that meets all of their basic necessities.

1-on-1 Care

Provide 1-on-1 care through our intensive based out of home placements.

Additional Support

We have the ability to provide additional support staff as required.

Structured Support Team

We provide the child with ongoing support from our Care Supervisors.

Integrated Technology

We utilize technology in the form of an online Family Room to check on care progress.


We provide ongoing transportation to organize unique experiences and activities.


Being active and having fun is a crucial part of a child’s development. We plan regular recreation time.

Progress Reports

To ensure proper care & growth, we present monthly progress reports to parents/guardians.

Emergency Placement & Crisis Resolution Services Available

CarePros is WCB Certified

Safety comes first for our CarePros. That is why we provide WCB coverage, As well as industry leading $5,000,000 in Medical, General, and Professional Liability Insurance.

Out-of-Home Care that Restores Balance to Your Family

Find the right CarePro for you & your family.

Our CarePros Have Glowing Reviews

"It is a comfort knowing that friendly and competent girls are consistently showing up on time. It really eliminates a lot of the worry and stress. They always ask Lincoln how things are going, engaging in conversation."

Rich and Carmen

”Allan has been amazing. His compassion and understanding has been a god send. My family love him as well !!“

St. Albert

"A big thank you for providing our family with an excellent worker, Dennis for our son. My son instantly took to Dennis as he was very engaged in all the active plays and always attentive to his needs and safety. Highly recommended"


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