Susanne Coquhoun

Susanne Colquhoun

Lead, Service Excellence

Pronouns: She/Her

Susanne is the Quality Assurance, Assistant Manager at CarePros. She is passionate about training caregivers on non-violent crisis intervention and had trained over hundreds of employees in her career. Susanne is a Licensed Practical Nurse of 20 years and a mother of two young adults. As a Licensed Practical Nurse, Susanne’s passion has been centered in Community Care for most of her career, added to, lived experience through parenting gives
her a well-rounded perspective of the needs of our CarePros community.

Her role as an Assistant Manager with CarePros allows her to promote educational development and service excellence amongst our staff, which enables them to be mentors to those in need. Susanne specializes in facilitating quality improvement training sessions with our staff through in-services and general orientation. She educates staff on various topics including best practices relating to health and safety, Trauma-Informed Care, Suicide Awareness, Inclusion Awareness, to name a few, as well as, coaching and mentoring the staff they supervise.

In her spare time, Susanne enjoys spending quality time with her family and extended family, staying active and participating in personal educational opportunities for personal growth and professional development.