Mariana Barrera

Mariana Barrera

Payroll Specialist, Finance & Administration

Pronouns: She/Her

Mariana is CarePros’ Payroll specialist and joined the team in March 2021. Always willing to be a helping hand, Mariana enjoys working in CarePros diverse team atmosphere and assists CarePros with its accounting needs. Mariana is responsible for managing the payroll process and systems for the CarePros team, Care Professionals, and external contractors.

Prior to her time at CarePros, Mariana worked as an accounting technician and pension officer for Saskatchewan’s health care employees’ pension plans. Before that, she worked at Credit Union in Estevan where she assisted with internal auditing, RSP, and transactions.

Mariana received her business degree from the Metropolitan University in Venezuela. In her previous career, Mariana was a culinary expert.

In her spare time, Mariana enjoys quilting, traveling, and spending time with her family and children. As a former chef, Marina enjoys cooking and trying new cuisines.