Vice President Corporate Services, Sultran Ltd

My early years were colored with adversity. I turned my biggest challenge into my biggest opportunity, developing skill sets and mindsets that helped me to optimize my environments, create clarity for myself and those around me, and visualize paths forward through the thickest of fog. The ability to optimize through adversity extended itself into my professional life. I began in the oil & gas industry, often being the only woman in an executive boardroom. After rapidly scaling a successful corporate career, I learned that the key to profitable company growth is not writing policy manuals, revisiting SOPs, or adding perks to "culturize" an organization.I realized that companies scale or fail depending on how well they understand the key pillar: their People strategy. Today, I serve Entrepreneurs and fast-growth companies, working closely to build People Strategies that deliver impact and optimize profits. From M&A to strategic ventures capital allocation to implementing management practices to optimizing review and EBITDA, I have become the Integrator, and the Optimizer organizations need to leverage People Capital and scale.In my practice and beyond it, I speak up for those without a voice - the people who have not yet found a way to create their own paths forward. As an active Board Member, I am involved with not-for-profit organizations. From under-represented social groups to distressed teams, I am committed to transforming the way we think, speak, and make space for equity within our business community and beyond. I believe that the winning People Strategy is efficient, profitable, and yet radically human.