Jason Chok

Jason Chok

Marketing Coordinator

Jason joined CarePros in January 2019 as the Marketing Coordinator. When the role was offered to him, he could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of a company with so much potential. Jason is passionate about shaping marketing strategies, and being a story-teller for all Individuals with Complex Needs and their families.

Jason has made several marketing initiatives and undertaken several projects for CarePros. He has contributed to the creation and implementation of website content, intending to make it as accessible and informative as possible for all types of audiences. He takes ownership of the CarePros blog, which serves multiple purposes as it acts as a resource center, an educational platform, a news outlet, and a journal for CarePros to share stories of Individuals with Complex Needs.

Jason is responsible for creating and publishing monthly newsletters as part of a more significant effort to streamline communication between CarePros and everyone involved in the CarePros family, including Care Professionals and clients.

Before working for CarePros, Jason held roles as a Brand Ambassador for Telus and a Marketing Coordinator at a mutual funds investment company. Both positions offered environments that allowed him to learn and develop the skills that he utilizes in CarePros.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys playing video games, volleyball, travelling, and spending time with his friends.