Jac Taylor

Jac Taylor

Senior Supervisor, Service Delivery

Pronouns: They/Them

Jac is a Senior Supervisor within the Service Delivery Department at CarePros. In this role Jac is responsible for maintaining communication with families and clients that are supported by CarePros, ensuring that care plans are kept updated with current information to provide the best care possible to our clients, addressing any day-to-day concerns or challenges and supporting families, clients and caregivers as necessary.

Previously Jac worked under the PDD sector of Disability Services, starting as a frontline worker and gradually advancing into managerial roles. Jac spend over 8 years working in Program Development for PDD sector of Disability Services. After relocating to the Edmonton region from the Lethbridge area they began working with children and youth and joined the CarePros team in early 2020. They received their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the
University of Lethbridge in 2011.

In their spare time, Jac enjoys playing guitar, woodworking and spending time with their dogs. They were an active member of the LGBTQ++ community in Lethbridge and helped to spearhead the first public pride gatherings in Lethbridge and regularly volunteered with various programs and events that Special Olympics would hold. Since moving to the Edmonton area those are both areas that Jac is interested in becoming a part of again.