Training & Development Lead

Pronouns: He/Him

Carlos is our Training & Development Lead at CarePros. He enjoys spending time with his family and the outdoors. He is an avid Ultramarathon Mountain trail runner and has competed in over a dozen events across North America from 50 km to 80 km mountain events. He also enjoys kayaking, biking and hiking. When not in the mountains he can be found in the gym or reading a good book. Carlos has over 15 yrs experience working in the Human Services Field and continues to look for educational opportunities to increase his knowledge base to better support the individuals he serves. Carlos chose to work with CarePros because company values were in line with what he believes in. Carlos' had to choose two of the values as he feels that both are key when interacting with others (We Listen First and We Are One). Listening is an integral part of what we do. In fact, it is the most important start to any type of relationship. As with any successful organization in any industry, working as a team, moving in the same direction while supporting one another is the hallmark of what successful organizations do. Carlos enjoys the people aspect of his job. Being able to meet so many new people wanting to be a part of CarePros, motivates him to ensure that he provides the best training environment possible as well as developing new ways to deliver that knowledge.