Arlene Lam

Arlene Lam

Senior Analyst, Strategy

Pronouns: She/Her

Arlene is a Strategy and Operations Senior Analyst at CarePros. Since joining CarePros in 2019, Arlene has gained experience and knowledge with the operations and framework in working in Disabilities and Children’s Services. Previously as a Client Relation Coordinator at CarePros, Arlene worked with clients and navigated their intake journey and finalized their contracts. From that experience she began to analyze workflows and assisted in streamlining the intake

In her current role, Arlene’s focus of work is to better understand current workflows and processes by analyzing them to make them more efficient. She creates and builds new workflow processes using collaborative work management software. She also writes numerous policies and procedures, ensures CarePros meets and complies with the standards of accreditation, and plans and writes proposals on behalf of CarePros.

Prior to working at CarePros, Arlene was involved in non-profit organizations working with a variety of populations. Arlene has extensive knowledge and understanding of the systemic issues faced by vulnerable populations.

Arlene has experience navigating the legal system as a coordinator for an agency providing access to legal services to low income families. She also has worked in supporting adults with disabilities by creating and publishing content aimed to recognize their contributions in their communities and has directly worked with the aging population diagnosed with dementia by assisting and facilitating their individualized therapy plans to promote independence.

Arlene graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology with the focus on Family Ecology and Youth and Child Studies. As a Human Ecologist, Arlene understands the interrelationships between people and their social, economic, pollical, cultural, and material contexts and the impact of these environments have on the well-being of themselves and their families. She seeks to continue to use the key values of her field to help create environments that promote inclusivity and the empowerment of people.

In Arlene’s spare time, she enjoys contemplating the intersect of feminism in society, exploring nature and the world, admiring, reading, and creating in the arts, and is also a proud plant mom and collector.