Deployment Respite and Emergency Child Care for Military Families

The CarePros team is proud to be a partner with the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre).

Respite Services for Military Families

CarePros works with the MFRC to provide deployment respite and emergency child care for eligible families. Learn more about the services we provide to support military families below.


The MFRC can help Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families who qualify, with unexpected and unique child care challenges by supporting them with the facilitation of short-term emergency child care requirements.
Military families are encouraged to have a Family Care Plan (FCP). However, families may sometimes face situations where conditions of service in the CAF prove too challenging for the FCP to accommodate; when this happens additional child care support may be available.
The MFRC may subsidize a family’s child care request through direct child care services, expense reimbursement or through the coordination of independent child care services on a short-term basis.

In-Home Care

•In-home respite care

•Extraordinary childcare

•24-Hour respite

Out-of-Home Care

•Out-of-home respite services

•Short & long term placements

•24/7 respite care

Services Available for Military Family Services

Out-of-Home Services​​

We offer out-of-home placements where your child is temporarily relocated to one of our many support homes. Our CarePros team then work 24 hours a day to fully support and care for your child.

In-Home Care

Our Care-Pros come into your
home and work with you and your child to meet their care needs.
Using a specialized care plan custom made for your child, our Care
Pros aim to deliver the highest quality of care.

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